Wednesday, 15 June 2011

The List...

Fear not Egg fans. I'm not one of these bloggers that has a honeymoon period of a week being a keeno and then does nothing ever again. If you have observed the words scrawled in the last two entries closely, you will see how much I really do care about Scotch Eggs.

I had my second failed journey yesterday. The word must be spreading about the joy this snack can bring. My first failed attempt was at The Elgin on Friday. It's the "work local" so it's not too much of a chore to get there and do the deed, so Friday came, along with it after work drinks but nothing. Only Sausage Rolls...

Then yesterday, I made the journey to The Bull and Last with high hopes. After all, when you google "scotch" "egg" "london" you are driven here, the first hit bigging it up. The 2 mile walk from my house there with my mate Lyndon was out of the way to say the least, but I NEEDED a Scotch Egg. Two pints and a Scotch Egg was my order. There was one Sausage Roll left... I nearly bought it to throw it at the bar staff in frustration. Unappropriate I thought.

Anyway, above is my list (please feel free to comment and suggest more). I will work my way down it soon. Glastonbury is next week, though I'm hoping for some kind of Farmers Market stall there to keep up my addiction. More moreish than crack, not that I've ever had crack, but you know what I mean.

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