Thursday, 30 June 2011

3) Morrisons

It's started. Word has spread of my journey. My mecca towards anything egg centered (apart from Pork and Egg pies. Scum) has taken a new turn. Pub and Deli owners are perspiring at the thought of my judgement. Eggians, I have received my first complimentary Scotch Egg. Admittedly it was from my housemate Scott, but that's beside the point. Word will spread of the power this blog holds...

By FAR the best presentation of anything I've eaten yet, but past the glitz and glamour, it's basically a plastic box containing 4 Scotch Eggs. You may think to yourself why there is only one left in the box? Well they were given to me the week before Glastonbury (where, as I tentatively expected there were NO Scotch Eggs, hence why I delayed this review to avoid unhappy fans) and I came home DRUNK from a colleagues leaving doo and ate two as soon as they were presented to me (that's worded like there was a ceremony for them or something, there wasn't).

Anyway, onto the review. It looked like your normal Scotch Egg. The breadcrumbs were nice, not soft and cheap, but crisp and had a feeling of quality about them...

Whoop, there is is. The egg had a bit of a free range vibe about it, but I'm guessing at £1.69 for 4, the chickens that produced these were more battery than Duracell. The taste was good, even better when I scoffed at the two pissed, but sober as a judge it was a satisfying snack. Though if I'm honest, when I looked at the porky outskirts I couldn't help but think of the Sainsburys standard offering. They tasted quite similar too. I'm guessing they were made in the same place. I don't know what to think anymore.

Fair is fair, it's even Stevens (even with the bow, sorry Scott). Though maybe I could start touring Scotch Egg factories or something?

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