Sunday, 10 July 2011

4) The Elgin

I'M BACK IN THE GAME. After ANOTHER unsuccessful Scotch Egg trip (The 3 Kings had a wedding reception in there the other weekend. I should of played the "don't you know who I am?" card and had the reception put on hold. I didn't want to make a scene) I thought my luck was up. But at about 4:15pm on Friday I was dragged out of this egg-less depression and saved... I was with Andrew and Matt in "Meeting Room 7" (the pub) discussing the next issue of the magazine I design and as soon as I stepped foot in The Elgin, just off Ladbroke Grove, I knew what I wanted, and I could SEE them. Sitting under one of those food nets behind the bar, there they were, hanging out with their meat based brethren, the Sausage Roll.

As soon as the barmaid dumped it onto a plate, I knew it was a winner. The breadcrumbs were crispy, and it felt firm, not hollow in any way. This was packed deep. I brandished the knife and took upon it, which is when the real magic happened...

Fuck-a-doodle-do. The egg was soft boiled. If only I could of got my hands on this bad boy when it was fresh out of the fryer. What a truly magical snack the Scotch Egg is. The meaty outskirts looked succulent, and heavily seasoned. Then we (yes, it was shared. The joy really does have to be shared) tucked into it and collectively came to the conclusion that it was a winner. So much in fact, we went in for number two. We were greeted with yet more surprises...

A pot of mustard! And this time served on a black napkin, which gave it a kind of mysterious vibe, and made it seem a much more desirable snack. Delicious is the only word for it, if you ever find yourself near there please get one, and prepare to have your taste buds tantalized. Ladies and gentlemen, we have a winner.

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